last week

i was so not disciplined last week,

i have 5classes for tat week but i went only 2..
i went only 4 1/2hrs out of 12hrs. die la die la..

haha... last saturday Weng Fei came bk,
he said he'll come over to my place in 10mins time, which is 12am,
but Malaysian memang Malaysian la..
he came at 1am, (hello hello, oldtown kopitiam also closed shop adi lar)
so we went OUG steven's corner..
my gf said: i spend most of my money in eating!!
what to do,
i only know how to eat,
haha.. cham le she'll kill me..

good night all

1 comment:

iieiie said...

Hmmm,kill u also no use lah...
aikz...the english foundation hard core buy some cheating money textbook...zzzz