happy mooncake festival~

today mooncake festival leh..
nothing to do now other than bloggin..

today went out with wengfei, helping him to write menu, (for his restaurant)..
while typing, i found myself dono how to read some of those word
For example,

crab also dono how to read de me..
i shall say tat i din score an A in SPM. (==")

then went futsal,
i think today i had my best performance gua since my waist got injured.
My waist injured long time ago and it's fully recovered,
but i just can't perform as last time.
no strength on the waist part.
causing me fail to perform.. =(

Those ADULTs (not lou yeh) are really good.
however, we beat them today..
we bet for 100plus ( isotonic drink, not cash)
we won!!!!!!
and they they bought us EXCEL...........zzzzzz (++"")
"nvm.. it's so sweet", said Ang Thong Siang..
thx to that Ming who striked the last golden goal..
free drinks.. XD

and i got scolded for not yamcha-ing with them AGAIN after futsal..
sry la.. today is mooncake festival, havta go bk to aunt's house there pray pray ma.. next week ler k?

today's story,
is for the future me myself to know what i did today..

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