Sometimes blogging really bring me lots of emoness,
i think the best thing i can do is to stop bloggin..
sorry for ignoring ur way of communication,
but if there's anything,
i don't hope to tell u through blog,
but to tell u thru my mouth, or thru my words,
straight----------------> to YOU..

those blogs are my past,
i am a happy person by now.



Everything in life will balance out..

for the past 2months,
it was really massively fun with my friends..
after the 2months from past two months,
it is really MASSIVELY killingsss without any friends at all..

Just like the share market,
A sudden raise RM2 continued a sudden drop of RM4..
this kinda life.. makes me heart attack..


double 2.. @@

on 13,
I with my friends..
I met new friends..
For my friends,
( u noe who u r)
I'm happy..
I had my very nice day..
I laughed..
I smile..
I ate..
I love the presents,
the redwine and the candles.. xD



i tested my blood pressure just now..


haha.. i don't know what it means..

what i know is only tha 64 is my heart beat per min..
cannot care so much.. xD


who, when, where. they are on the surface.
why, how.. they are behind the surface.

so now..
i'm back to PANADOL.com

who? me
when? 5th of Jan 2010
where? PANADOL.com

how? just login.
why? This is why i say its behind the surface..

enjoy ur 2m010.. the 2010..


A pause || |> <|<| [ ] |>|>

i am so busy studying and doing my homework,
almost forgotten that i had not blog for 2weeks already..
forget it for a moment..
i shall put a sign here..
study comes first.



i walked into my house,
from the barrier until the gate.
He reminded me to walk step by step,
Be careful of the rock and holes,
make your way safe to home.

a true friend will never offend me,
the harder u kick me ment the most to me,
thank you very much.