Ytd and today~

Ytd night i went to a place called island cafe~得闲过来吹吹水
its a great cafe for chitchattin.. and also drinking..
i don't wanna intro alot..
if u wanna noe only come ask me bout it ok?
i'll definitely answer u..

So, at first me and shon reached there,
I ordered an Angel's Kiss and Shon ordered an apple juice..@_@
it was hell bored there and kinda uncomfortable,
we were sittin at a table of that for 6.. all eyes were looking..
at that moments,, i thought of alot of stuff, the past......

and 15-20mins later, there came a devil..(Tysern)
he wanna order a bucket of skol beer(5bottles) and persuades us(shon, kenchong and I)
shon denied it vr quickly.. and me, of cz me refused too..
i told him i've only 13bucks small pieces of cash which it was only enough for my own cup of drink..(i don't wanna break my big 1)

BUT.. BUT..he said he'll sapu too.. he paid for the rest... (@_@)

ok lor.. no choice..cz KEN CHONG DIN EAT DINNER B4 drinking..
sure KONG la him if drink..

then on, ANG THONG SIANG datang,
at first he said he came jz to say hi and jz for a moment..
but when the bucket of skol beer landed on the table..
i start laughing in the heart,
jz like what i exactly expected,
he stuck his arse on the chair and start drinking with us...
(not leaving already you know,, jorr!!!!!)

BEER, is the object that can make both tysern and ATS mad..

TODAY i watch 21.. it is a nice movie..

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iieiie said...

Hmm, please don't expose my blog.
the less ppl know that's call privacy blog.I juz don't feel like let ppl who knows me knows alot of my private stuffs.
no offense k? =)
Oh btw, i scared signboard "turn LEFT"i go and belok kanan LOL