I felt kinda guilty,
SY wanna go out with me to watch fireworks,
and i really wanna bring her for that..
but however,
situation doesn't allow me so,

I heard that there is the final fireworks at Putra Jaya on the coming friday,
but i have those WTF subjects, got exam smmore..
and if fireworks during merdeka, it'll definitely not fun and not romantic,
because after the fireworks, got the very famous "negaraku" song.
C'mon man, who cares bout merdeka if there is no fireworks,
it is just to be another holiday......zzz

Last week i left SY alone at home and i went out to gather with WengFei..
I wanted to bring her out but she was infected by running nose.
and so she asked me to go alone..haih..

made me felt guilty.
i really wonder, whether i am doing my job as a BF well..

i found a kinda nice western food in Rock Cafe. (sunway)
i wish to bring her there.
wish that she will like it.


iieiie said...

sorry de3r, i din noe u got exam and the fireworks...its on a same day...sorry de3r =(
i dunwan watch liao...nvm, it's okay wif me.

erm,but wanna tell u tht John also ask me out on friday (fireworks) but i din reply him.

shon chong said...

waa so good 1 ar sorry sorry edi ok .. hahaha

rock cafe? expansive anot.. i wanan try . bring me there la haha..

l33w3il00n said...

haha ah shon ah, it's not like the cafe u thought la, it is just like a medan selera near sunway college, tasted quite nice lor..

Sze Wei said...

Hey I eat at rock cafe almost everyday!! Food there is wayyyyy better and cheaper than Monash cafeteria...

Shon, its actually a food court, and the "chap fan" there, to me, is the best =)

l33w3il00n said...

hahaha... ssw, i didn't know u go there often, but then ah, i know i definitely won't see you cz i usually go only on sunday later afernoon..

shon chong said...

wa even sze wei also say is the best. haha must go and try next time man.. hhaaha

iieiie said...

haha should go try try ~

l33w3il00n said...

who is 食神?