first of all,
i can't grow tall anymore at this age,,,
after think and think and think..
okay, here comes a solutions,
which i think is kinda good solution,
what is it?
answer: forget it.

atleast extra 5kgs
i'm now 54kg.. thin right?
what to do ?
eat and eat and eat also won't grow fat,,
calvin and this ying always say i got capital to eat,
it sounds good for them,
but for me,,
don't like it.. i look so thin and skinny..
皮包骨, (skin wrap bones)
纸包鸡(paper wrap chicken)also more meat than me..
i wanna gain atleast 5kgs

waist :
my waist currently 27-28inches,
u noe what?
cant even get my size in any stalls selling pants..
tired looking for pants..
30inches of waist,
look okay right?
can get pants easier hor?

but i this kind of ppl..
eat also wont grow fat.. =(
must think of a way to grow..
any suggestion ah?


LC Tho said...

lol...it's easy to get fat lah
eat at McDonald's everyday and drink lots of beer! :p

try to take protein gains..like Shon
and eat lots of protein foods. Like eggs and chicken breast meat. :p

shon chong said...

come on la LWL.. join me la.. we go gym everyweek la.. wanna beat jason edi la.. better then me lo . i 50-51 only la.. haha 5 more kg where got enuff la. atleast 20kg la. hahaha..

l33w3il00n said...

serious ah LC?
i'm trying hard now.. haha..

serious ah shon? i scared later too fat adi la.. don wanna be like jason la.. scary.. lol

shon chong said...

hahaha that 1 too geng edi la.. i the normal stage i also nv reach yet la

☺仪仪☻ said...

lastime i sick, also drink the enercal and the ensure special milk powder. that is good for gaining a healthier weight.Anyhow, daily routine also important if u really wan some improvements of ur body~LMAO~

LC Tho,lwl eat McD so many years oso won't gain..so no use to him.