i just CRAP ere in this post..
mood not very good while i thinking of smthing..

i don't like to TROUBLE ppl..
even though it's a very very serious kind of problem,
i also don't wish for help from ppl..
except for one.

i don't really SOCIALISE..
i know it's important but however,
i don't feel comfortable when too many ppl are around me..

i hardly TRUST ppl..
the chance i get fooled and cheated will gradually with the amount of ppl i know..

the only thing i like to do is STANDING on a futsal ground.
(use to be a field)
that's the only place i feel comfortable with,
and that's the place i felt the meaning of my existance.
i know i play not really well..

i like to HANG OUT with friends..
with those i don need to talk a lot,
and those who really enjoy eating, and drinking (non alcoholic)

i really WISH i could have DRUNK 1day,
but i control myself too strictly.
i think i'll only drink when i felt its safe eventhough i'm drunk..

i like SPEED..
those feeling ahead of ppl is nice,
but how many of them are ahead of us?

i don't like to get BLAME..
but i always know i do wrong..
nobody like to get blamed.

those i DISLIKE,
i'll only remain quiet if ppl insist to do it,
i would join but i don't feel comfortable in it.
or i'll just tell them to go ahead and i'm out..
i would try to suggest them to change plan,
but who would?

i don't like to be ALONE,
but i wont do anything so tat ppl would come around me..

i don't like to be so COMPLICATED, but no matter how,
i am complicated because i'm only human.

i also HELP a friend as i could,
even though it's not appreciated,
i don't want to appreciate me either..

my existance is not IMPORTANT,
the world will not change without u..
don't think u're so important that everything is gone without u.

i like to be with friends,
but i wouldn't do anything to MAINTAIN a relationship.
i know i'm troublesome..

i know i'm COLD BLOODED,
hence i don't really have strong feeling towards anything.

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