Cyber Fusion 2009

u guys know i play sudden attack..
u guys might not like it but for me,
it's like my full time entertainment..
i'm happy in there. (^^,)

and coming up event is that

held in this Multimedia University (MMU) Main Hall Cyberjaya.
from 10th to 12th April 2009..
how i wish i could go there,
just to have a look..
to experience the heat there..
shall i go to have a look?

i couldn't join the tournament ler
i aint good enough for that,
rank so low, 400+, k/d also low, 54%.. haih..

their prizes attracted me so much,
the keyboard and mouse and that one more which i not sure what is that,
it's damn nice and cool..

Kelvin Ng, i know i'm not good enough in joining the tournament, i wish u win.. make sure u win!!

good luck!!

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